The Rising Chinese Threat (Part 4 Of A 4 Part Series): A Fourth Worldwide Pandemic

We are in year two of the world wide pandemic. With a new, much more contagious, variant there seems to be no promise of an end in sight.

We know little about the origins of the virus that has plagued the world for the last two years, except that it originated in the Wuhan province of China.  There is evidence that it broke out from a virology lab in Wuhan where experiments were being done on deadly viruses, though China has not cooperated in studies to find out. China has maintained that the virus originated in the local markets and was the result of a jump from animal to humans.

Whatever the case, here is the basic concern:  even if the deadly pandemic did not originate in a lab in Wuhan, it shows that China and its health and food safety regulations are negligent, at a minimum.

Since 2003, several worldwide pandemics have originated in China:  SARs, H1N1 flu, bird flu and now covid-19. Once may be an accident. Twice may just be coincidence.  Four times that deadly disease was unleashed on the world from the same place of origin is negligent, and careless of human life. 

What we are seeing play out is the Chinese disregard for life. China’s Communist government is careless because the Chinese government is willing to risk hundreds of thousands of lives. This is the same Chinese Communist government who just last month celebrated the founding of the Communist Party and its leader, Mao Zedung who was responsible for the killing and deaths of an estimated 20 million people during the Cultural Revolution. Life means little and power means everything.  And now the world is paying for that disregard and recklessness. The pandemic has resulted in over 4.3 M deaths worldwide, and over 600,000 in the United States.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, China has covered up the origins of the virus. China will not even tell the world when it saw the first cases. The first doctor from Wuhan, China that released information about a new virus that he was seeing in patients was imprisoned and forced to recant his statements before he could be released (that same doctor later died of the very virus he had exposed). China has not shared raw data from the early days of the pandemic, and some early genetic information has been deleted from international databases. Inspections of labs and medical facilities in the Wuhan area have been forbidden by the Chinese government.

In addition to the millions of deaths, the economic devastation has been in the tens of trillions of dollars worldwide.  So large that not even a gross estimate has been given, but we do know that the US government has spent over $7 trillion so far trying to minimize the economic ruin of failed businesses that have caused millions of lost jobs. That is to say nothing of medical systems around the world stretched to their limits, causing other treatments to be put off, in some cases when time is critical. An increase in cancer deaths, for example, will be one of the tragic legacies of this pandemic.

Once we near the end of the pandemic foisted upon the world, whether through total negligence or something more questionable, we must hold China accountable and they must be forced to answer (and pay) for this, the fourth and most deadly pandemic originated there in the last 18 years. And, yes, part of that accountability must be financial, to account for the global, and personal, economic devastation seen around the world. China will balk, claim innocence and give all the reasons that “It wasn’t our fault.”  But if they refuse, we should start seizing Chinese assets in this country and use them to pay off damages.

Communism is evil and China is dangerous.

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