Dumbest Thing You’ve Heard All Day

If you thought you were having a crazy day, this will probably top whatever you’ve got.

New York City Mayor “Sandanista Bill” de Blasio has a unique approach to battling crime, even among other radicals.

de Blasio, as can be imagined, was at the forefront of the “defund the police” movement and in July 2020 also abolished the city’s Anti-Crime Unit, which had been tasked with battling crimes with firearms.

Now, de Blasio is funding an program to offer a stipend of $1,000 per month (called “transformational opportunities”) to “young men ­involved in lethal firearm ­offenses,” at the same time pairing them with “neighborhood change agents”. That is on top of any other public assistance or government help for low income people for which they may qualify.

No, really. Mayor de Blasio’s public safety policy is to: 1) defund the police, 2) abolish the police branch charged specifically with fighting crimes using guns, 3) pay anyone who had killed someone with a firearm $1000/month and 4) pair them with other ex-cons for “mentoring”.

I am not sure in what other dimension or galaxy someone might think paying people $1000/month if you have killed someone with a gun is a good idea, but here in the Milky Way, far away from the Twilight Zone, that sounds pretty dumb.

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