Offensive Cards

We can be thankful that we have people to tell us all the ways and how much we can be offended. Without the guidance of the Woke/politically correct leftists among us, how would we know that playing cards were offensive?

We now find out that the existing playing cards: King, Queen, and Jack are gender-biased and discriminatory (no word on what gender the Ace is).

Fortunately, Mellik, a 23-year old from the Netherlands is now making playing cards without a King, Queen or Jack. With the traditional cards, King is considered more powerful than the Queen, a mentality that Mellik is determined to change. Such subtleties communicate directly to females, making them feel less important than males and they therefore found no motivation to work hard, but that is changing

We will now be able to use cards that have gold, silver and bronze in the decks rather than the traditional and deeply oppressive card decks.

Ahhh, the world already feels like a better place. Now we just need to work on those offensive chess pieces.

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