Snapshot Of How We Got Where We Are In Afghanistan

Part of any executive and management job, is being able to effectively carry out plans and policies. And that is the concern with the planned withdrawal from Afghanistan scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 31.

So that we understand how the United States got into the position that we are in as we pull out of Afghanistan, let’s look at the things that President Biden and his Administration have done:

  • Perhaps the biggest mistake was the decision to voluntarily evacuate Bagram Air Base, the large US base just outside of Kabul. This forced the US to use the Kabul municipal air base, where we had no infrastructure and the Taliban are in control of everything that goes on.
  • The United States gave a list of Americans and Afghan allies that we want to get out of the country to the Taliban. What do you really think the Taliban will do with that list?
  • The head of US Central Command, Gen. McKenzie, said that we are sharing intelligence with the Taliban. So we have told the Taliban what we know and don’t know?  Of course, an enemy would never use that against us, right?
  • The President said that the Taliban had given their word to provide security, and we saw how that turned out.
  • The President has said that the Taliban will give safe passage to Americans trying to leave the country. Yet, somehow, we still have Americans that can’t get out of the country.

Looking back at these moves, it is hard to imagine how the US could have done anything more to screw things up, even if we had tried.

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