Hypocrisy: Two Groups Are Regulars And Here Is The Latest

A common theme on Thinking Man’s Politics is that of hypocrisy. Unlike much of today’s political environment, a person who thinks often understand most viewpoints, whether you may agree or not. And someone who thinks, rather than just repeats soundbites, does not always align with one political party. However, one thing that makes no sense but which we come across too often is hypocrisy among the political elites.

Over time, it has become obvious that two groups you can count on for regular contributions to stories of hypocrisy—and there is no doubt that this will get many angry, because they just won’t admit that “their guy” is ever wrong.  Yet the two groups who seem to always rise to the top of the ‘Hypocrisy List’ are governors who ignore their own covid mandates and the Trump family (yes, pretty much the whole clan).

The latest is Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to the former President, who recently appeared as a guest on Fox News talking about the situation in Afghanistan. One commentator mentioned that the Biden Administration was working with the Taliban to secure safe passage for Americans.  Trump jumped in, saying that Biden was negotiating with terrorist and that President Trump would never do that.

Of course, President Trump is the one that actually negotiated the Afghanistan withdrawal agreement with the Taliban and in Sept. 2019 President Trump himself announced that he had plans to meet with the Taliban at Camp David, of all places, until he cancelled it after a Taliban attack on American forces.

Don’t you hate it when history gets in the way of a good tirade?

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