Hmong American PhD Student Rejected Because She Is Asian

With such a headline, you may think that there is a story about a case of blatant discrimination. There is, but maybe not in the way you think.

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Weekend Quick Takes

A short review of some of the news of the week.

This Makes Sense How?!

The Biden Administration is considering giving a roughly $450,000 payment to illegal immigrants who were held separately from their children back in 2018.

Now, set aside if we will,  the fact that in every other case where a crime is committed the people involved are separated from their children and that nowhere else in the justice system are adults and children housed in detention facilities together. Yet I just want to know how the Administration settled on that figure and can we assume it is a reflection of the President’s priorities?  If so, it probably is an important reference point that the family a service member who is killed in combat gets $400,000.

Think about that.

The Logic of ‘The Squad’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), one of the original members of the far left, ‘progressive’ ‘Squad’ in Congress, has repeatedly called for abolishing the police and has praised moves to cut police budgets in Minneapolis.

After a year of cuts in funding and in the number of officers on duty, Omar said this week that the dramatic rise in crime overall, violent crime and murders in Minneapolis is because the police are not doing their job.


Election Audit Results From Two GOP Controlled States              

This week, an audit of election results in Wisconsin by Legislative Audit Bureau found that the 2020 election was “safe and secure”, but did make some recommendations for future elections.

“Despite concerns with statewide elections procedures, this audit showed us that the election was largely safe and secure,” tweeted Republican state Sen. Robert Cowles, who co-chairs the Legislature’s Audit Committee, which assigned the audit bureau to conduct the review.

Previously, Arizona’s Republican Legislature hired auditors to review the election results. Despite hiring a company that 1) had no audit experience and 2) whose CEO had said before being hired that there was fraud, the audit confirmed that Biden won the election in Arizona.

So, two states with Republican control of both houses of the legislature have audited results and found the results showing Biden won the states to be valid.

It has always been odd to any logical person, that Trump’s claims of fraud only appeared to include states with Republican majorities:  Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia…  So, were all those members of his own Party in on the conspiracy?  Of course not, and for the same reason no logical person could believe that Democrats were stealing the election but allowed Republicans to make gains at literally every other level across the nation.  So can we just stop with the ridiculous ‘election was stolen’ stuff.  I mean, are we really in the same intellectual category as people like Rudy Guilianni and Sydney Powell.

Sen. Manchin Reportedly Gets Agreement To Stop Big Brother

As part of President Biden’s economic spending bill, he proposed that every financial institution would have to report every transaction for any account of $600 or more. Obviously, this is a massive invasion of privacy (and likely a violation of the Constitution, as an unreasonable search and seizure). The government should not be in people’s bank accounts. Even if they are trying to catch tax evaders, to go down to $600 balance or a $600 transaction, that would include almost every person in the country.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), in an interview at the Economic Club, said that he had personally spoken to President Biden about the issue and invasion of privacy that would be and said that the President told him it would be taken out of any final bill. Hopefully, that is the case. Thank you Sen. Manchin.

Answer To Supply Chain Problems: Buy Less?

The perspective on the supply chain problems from one extreme on the political spectrum is that we just need to buy less. The default among some leftist thinkers it that 1) the US is bad and 2) humans are the cause of most problems in the world. This is now playing out in suggesting that the problem with the supply chains are that we spend too much and buy too much. Yes, it will hurt jobs and, yes, it will cause the economy to decline, but doing with less is for the greater good. You don’t believe that someone would say (or think) that?

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Second Black Secretary of State On Critical Race Theory

The first woman and first African-American National Security Advisor and the second Black Secretary of State, Condolleezza Rice, commenting on critical race theory:

“I would like black kids to be completely empowered, to know that they are beautiful in their blackness, but in order to do that I don’t have to make white kids feel bad for being white.”

Biden Nominee Trots Out The Standard Name Calling When Facing Hard Questions

Saule Omarova, President Biden’s pick for Comptroller of the Currency, is refusing to turnover scholarly documents she authored while blaming the requests on the fact that she is “an immigrant, a woman, a minority.”

Omarova was born in the former Soviet Union and attended graduate school at Moscow State Univ., where her thesis was on Marxism’s economic model. She has made previous favorable comments about the Soviet economic system and has called for  “radically reshaping the basic architecture and dynamics of modern finance” including nationalizing retail banking and having the Federal Reserve allocate credit. 

Although a supposedly intelligent current member of the Cornell Univ. faculty, she seems unable to wrap her mind around the fact that most people would disagree strongly with nationalizing banks and moving toward a Communist style directed economy. So, as often happens when leftists are not able to defend their ideas, she resorts to the standard accusations of racism or sexism.

By doing so, Omarova diminishes the cases in which that actually occurs. Like the ‘boy that cried wolf’, she uses those terms for purely personal goals and so makes her audience immune to the actuality when it may happen. Yet, more immediately, it tells us that Omarova is not able to intellectually and intelligently defend her positions and so will do and say anything to deflect from the topic at hand. In the end, that means that not only does she hold bad and dangerous positions but that her character is lacking, as well.

Trump’s Ego Requires That He Insults The Recently Deceased

Yesterday, we got word that Colin Powell passed away at age 84. Powell had a distinguished professional career and was the first Black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, serving under Presidents Bush and Clinton, and was appointed the first Black Secretary of Statue by the second President Bush.

Less than 12 hours after the announcement, Donald Trump’s Save America Political Action Committee released a statement from the former President. “Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, be treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media…He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace.”

Why was that necessary?  At a minimum, Colin Powell was an historic figure. But, of course, it was not necessary but it was that another public figure was getting attention and praise that Trump so craves and demands for himself. And if Trump has to be cruel to a family grieving over the loss of a loved one earlier in the day, and callous to a military to whom he was a leader for years, then that is secondary to Trump.

THAT is why he is no longer President. He is just a terrible person, no matter what his policies may have been.

When The Religion Of Climate Change Becomes Silly, And Then Dangerous

Climate change (the current, more politically correct term for global warming) has become a religion. You know when advocates will not entertain even any discussion of varying opinions, that science and objectivity have gone out the window and it has become a cult.  Such is the case with climate change.

Thinking Man has always felt that there are two important questions on the topic:  one being “Are global temperatures rising?” and “If so, is that caused by human action?”  Without getting into the broader discussion, we know there have been times in history that world temperatures-at least in Europe—have been as high or even higher than they are now, so each of those two questions are important.

But the real concern, as it would be for any person who thinks rather than blindly follows, is why people refuse even to discuss something, especially in colleges and universities where more than one professor has been ostracized or dismissed for questioning the effects of climate change. Isn’t that contrary to the “sifting and winnowing” of ideas that we value in academia, as the motto at my alma matter says?

That aside, when an idea is held up with religious-like zeal it becomes, at first, sort of silly and then it becomes dangerous.  We have seen both of those in the past week.

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Trump’s War Against the Republican Party (continued)

Former President Trump continues his war on the Republican Party.  Trump has already announced that he is backing primary opponents for several members of Congress and last week Trump said that Sen. Republican Leader Mitch McConnell should be removed.

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