Trump’s War Against the Republican Party (continued)

Former President Trump continues his war on the Republican Party.  Trump has already announced that he is backing primary opponents for several members of Congress and last week Trump said that Sen. Republican Leader Mitch McConnell should be removed.

So why is Trump lashing out at all these sitting members of his own Party, and in McConnell’s case the Senate leader who helped push through much of his agenda? Is it because these people that he is opposing are not conservative enough? No, that can’t be it as several have lifetime scores of over 90% from the American Conservative Union. Is Trump trying to help the Party, and these members of Congress have not supported the Party or, more cynically, maybe not raised enough money to help the Party at election time? No, more than one of them are Republican leaders in Congress, voted in by other Republican members.

No, what it boils down to is that they dared to disagree with Trump at some time or another, at times in very minor ways. And Trump just cannot tolerate that under any circumstances. In McConnell’s case, he agreed to temporarily increase the national debt (which of course, Trump had requested to be done several times when he was President but now, somehow, it is different).

You see, Trump is not concerned with a conservative agenda…. if you remember, he was a big donor to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign. He is not trying to help the Republican Party get back the majority it lost during his Administration—he is helping the campaigns of several running against Republican members of Congress, not helping them get re-elected. He is out for himself, and anyone who does not blindly follow anything and everything he says must be removed.

It is still something that just baffles the Thinking Man, that being how many Republicans practically worship Trump, when he stands for nothing but self-promotion. Not only did he back Hillary’s Senate campaign, he was pro-abortion until a couple of years before he decided to run as a Republican (knowing he could not win a Republican primary unless he changed his views), and he proposed the highest spending bills in the history of the country, far surpassing even President Obama , just to name a couple of very un-conservative issues. In 2016, this author predicted that Trump would bring an end to the GOP because he would divide it and thus give the majority to the Democratic Party. During his four years in office, Republicans lost control of both houses of Congress and Trump seems to be working hard to make that permanent.  It is just surprising that so many Republicans are helping.

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