When The Religion Of Climate Change Becomes Silly, And Then Dangerous

Climate change (the current, more politically correct term for global warming) has become a religion. You know when advocates will not entertain even any discussion of varying opinions, that science and objectivity have gone out the window and it has become a cult.  Such is the case with climate change.

Thinking Man has always felt that there are two important questions on the topic:  one being “Are global temperatures rising?” and “If so, is that caused by human action?”  Without getting into the broader discussion, we know there have been times in history that world temperatures-at least in Europe—have been as high or even higher than they are now, so each of those two questions are important.

But the real concern, as it would be for any person who thinks rather than blindly follows, is why people refuse even to discuss something, especially in colleges and universities where more than one professor has been ostracized or dismissed for questioning the effects of climate change. Isn’t that contrary to the “sifting and winnowing” of ideas that we value in academia, as the motto at my alma matter says?

That aside, when an idea is held up with religious-like zeal it becomes, at first, sort of silly and then it becomes dangerous.  We have seen both of those in the past week.

Recently, Illinois passed a law that would outlaw gas powered vehicles in the next decade. Reporting on the new law, the reliably leftist Yahoo News cited as the reasons for the law that temperatures in Illinois had risen between one and two degrees in the last hundred years and average annual rainfall had increased over three inches in the same period, which all gave evidence of the effects of climate change.  Yet, in literally the lead sentence of the next paragraph, the reporter said that Illinois was in the midst of an historic drought that was, according to his sources, almost assuredly the result of climate change. So, if I am following the logic correctly, both significant increases in rainfall AND drought are both attributable to climate change?

From the silly to the dangerous…

Rumors have begun to emerge from the Biden Administration that John Kerry, Biden’s ‘Climate Czar’, has been arguing against getting tougher against China because of their human rights abuses. The reason is that he fears angering the Chinese government because he wants to get them to sign on to international agreements on climate change.

Over the last few years, China has been ramping up persecution of its Uyghur minority and has sent hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs (some estimates are as high as over a million) to forced labor and re-education camps. And that is even before we get into the documented cases of people imprisoned as the Chinese government tried to cover up investigations into the origins of covid by international agencies. Yet, to John Kerry, all these are less important than requiring electric cars. When climate change makes you put the design of vehicles ahead of the persecution of whole races of people, then that becomes dangerous.

In both cases, it is something about which we should be asking ourselves “why”.

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