Answer To Supply Chain Problems: Buy Less?

The perspective on the supply chain problems from one extreme on the political spectrum is that we just need to buy less. The default among some leftist thinkers it that 1) the US is bad and 2) humans are the cause of most problems in the world. This is now playing out in suggesting that the problem with the supply chains are that we spend too much and buy too much. Yes, it will hurt jobs and, yes, it will cause the economy to decline, but doing with less is for the greater good. You don’t believe that someone would say (or think) that?

Columnist Terry Nguyen is a recent example. Nguyen writes “We know that our collective consumption of consumer goods…isn’t good for the environment.” In short, WE are the problem with the planet, he suggests.

On a roll, Nguyen quotes author David Wallace-Wells: “there is something of a moral crime in how much you and I and everyone we know consume, given how little is available to consume for so many other people on the planet.”

Not finished with his railing against consumers, Nguyen does not spare those that try to buy “sustainable” products:  “Shopping, by this logic, is a sin, one that Americans can’t live without. Well-intentioned consumers have tried to do the next-best thing: Shop sustainably. But sustainable shopping is still … shopping. It’s an oxymoronic act that makes us feel good about the things we buy. True sustainability requires reducing our consumption (and, likely, the country’s economic growth), not through buying “greener” products.”

Similarly, columnist Jeffrey Frankel wrote that high oil prices are a good thing because they help the environment.

This is not someone being critical, these are leftists describing their own views:  that if we learned to live without or with less, if we were not so interested in having nice things, and if humans were less consumer oriented, the earth would be a better place.

So, I will leave it there and let their own views speak for themselves. I could not have described their views better.

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