Weekend Quick Takes

A short review of some of the news of the week.

This Makes Sense How?!

The Biden Administration is considering giving a roughly $450,000 payment to illegal immigrants who were held separately from their children back in 2018.

Now, set aside if we will,  the fact that in every other case where a crime is committed the people involved are separated from their children and that nowhere else in the justice system are adults and children housed in detention facilities together. Yet I just want to know how the Administration settled on that figure and can we assume it is a reflection of the President’s priorities?  If so, it probably is an important reference point that the family a service member who is killed in combat gets $400,000.

Think about that.

The Logic of ‘The Squad’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), one of the original members of the far left, ‘progressive’ ‘Squad’ in Congress, has repeatedly called for abolishing the police and has praised moves to cut police budgets in Minneapolis.

After a year of cuts in funding and in the number of officers on duty, Omar said this week that the dramatic rise in crime overall, violent crime and murders in Minneapolis is because the police are not doing their job.


Election Audit Results From Two GOP Controlled States              

This week, an audit of election results in Wisconsin by Legislative Audit Bureau found that the 2020 election was “safe and secure”, but did make some recommendations for future elections.

“Despite concerns with statewide elections procedures, this audit showed us that the election was largely safe and secure,” tweeted Republican state Sen. Robert Cowles, who co-chairs the Legislature’s Audit Committee, which assigned the audit bureau to conduct the review.

Previously, Arizona’s Republican Legislature hired auditors to review the election results. Despite hiring a company that 1) had no audit experience and 2) whose CEO had said before being hired that there was fraud, the audit confirmed that Biden won the election in Arizona.

So, two states with Republican control of both houses of the legislature have audited results and found the results showing Biden won the states to be valid.

It has always been odd to any logical person, that Trump’s claims of fraud only appeared to include states with Republican majorities:  Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia…  So, were all those members of his own Party in on the conspiracy?  Of course not, and for the same reason no logical person could believe that Democrats were stealing the election but allowed Republicans to make gains at literally every other level across the nation.  So can we just stop with the ridiculous ‘election was stolen’ stuff.  I mean, are we really in the same intellectual category as people like Rudy Guilianni and Sydney Powell.

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