News From The Left Coast

If you are thinking of moving to Oregon, you may want to factor some news from last week into your plans.

Murder and Violent Crime in Portland At Record Highs

Portland is having a record-setting year for murders, with crimes across the board rising to unheard of levels. Unfortunately, it was a very predictable thing but happened anyway.

Last year, Portland had 130 straight days of riots in the streets with the mayor telling the police not to enforce laws against damage to property and the district attorney refusing to prosecute hundreds of crimes turned over to him by law enforcement. The city then cut police funding and staffing dramatically. What did anyone think was going to happen as a result?

Well, a vivid example was when the city decided to eliminate funding and staffing for the Gun Violence Reduction Task Force on July 1 of last year. The effect in the streets was immediate: from Jan. 1, 2020, to June 30, 2020, Portland had just four murders. In the following 12-month period, Portland tallied 94 homicides.

It didn’t take a genius to see what was coming and the leadership of the police department warned of the consequences. Portland’s city leaders did it anyway.

If you live in Portland and are tired of the exploding crime rate, then you need to quit voting for people who cannot seem to draw a simple cause and effect. If you are considering moving to Oregon and the Portland area, be sure to get your Kevlar before you go.

Oregon Tax Codes Force Business To Close And Hundreds To Lose Jobs

Bi-Mart is an Oregon based pharmacy chain with 56 stores in the state. Last week, the company announced that it was closing all stores in the state, in large part due to a new tax system that Oregon passed for businesses.

Oregon has passed a Corporate Activity Tax (CAT) that taxes business. But unlike most other taxes, it does not tax just the money the business makes or its profit, it taxes all revenue and money received by a business. Of course, that is also on top of the state sales tax that are passed to consumers on everything they buy.

As a result, one of the state’s large businesses is no longer doing business in the state.

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