Disagree With Leftists? You Are A Racist

That has long been the default argument by those on the extreme left, by those not able to construct an argument to win in the battle of ideas. If you cannot articulate a good argument for what you believe, you resort to name calling and accusations. That has long been human nature, regardless of context.

As it relates to politics, that narrative, along with the overt bias of the media, showed itself this past week as the media explained the sweeping upset Republican victories in Democratic-leaning Virginia.

On Thursday, a CNN commentator said that Democrats, if they want to win, should not try to portray Republicans as racists. The commentator quickly added that she was not saying that Republican candidate (and now Governor-elect) Glenn Youngkin was not a racist but simply that Democrats would not win that way. This commentator, in effect, was saying that the candidate campaigned to appeal to a racist group of voters and that racist voters were the ones that elected him. And not one of the other guests challenged that view, including the moderator.

On the same day, MSNBC was running a story on the Virginia election and the issues that seemed to be key—parental input into education being a big one, in part as it relates to the teaching Critical Race Theory. For the whole time that the story was being aired, it had a headline scrolling at the bottom “Uninformed voters on Critical Race Theory”.  The message was, of course, that no informed person could possibly disagree and that the problem with the election was that parents and voters were uninformed (or stupid).

Just as interesting, and just as revealing, was that during the running of those stories neither network mentioned, not even once, that the winning Republican candidate for Lt. Governor (Winsome Sears) was the first woman, the first woman of color and the first legal immigrant to be elected to that office.

Amazing, isn’t it, that the networks (and leftists) do not want to talk about an historic election that broke long time ceilings because it is a conservative woman who did it. Yet, they will spend their time talking about ‘racist voters’ who swept conservatives to office. Yes, it was the racist voters of Virginia who elected the first woman of color, if we are to believe the leftist and media narrative. And if you have trouble understanding all that, don’t worry. Most of us can’t, either.

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