How Has This Behavior Become Acceptable?

We have a problem. Well, maybe more than one but the biggest one is the nature of politics. Not only the highly partisan nature of US politics, but seemingly that a growing number of us have begun to hate anyone that does not agree with us, for no other reason than they do not agree. In a democracy, that is dangerous and means, at a fundamental level, the people that hate those that disagree actually do not believe in a democracy where people are free to express, and vote for, their opinions.

That brings us to the more base elements that we have representing us in Congress. We would like to think they are the best that we have to represent our country. But not so.

Rep. Paul Gomar (R-AZ) posted an animated video on his official Congressional social media accounts that depicts him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and attacking President Joe Biden.

Forget for a moment that Gomar made a video of him assassinating elected leaders of our country, regardless of what you think of their politics (and this columnist certainly cannot think of anything that he agrees on with Cortez). Would any of us ever post a video, from our official employer’s social media account, killing another co-worker?  And, if we did, do you think we would still have a job?  So then it certainly cannot be ok for a member of Congress to do it. These are the people who make our laws, and you would think they would be more….intelligent than that. Gomar clearly is not.  He should be censured by Congress, including by his fellow Republicans, and then removed from office by the decent voters in his district.  He is a despicable human being. If he were not, he would resign immediately.

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