A Vote For Sanity

The House voted yesterday to censure Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ).  As part of the censure, Gosar was removed from all committee assignments that he currently has.

Gosar became only the 24th member in history to be censured, the last one being in 2010. Gosar was brought before the House to be censured because he has posted an animated video, on his official House of Representatives social media account, of him killing another member of Congress and beating President Biden.

No one should even joke about killing a co-worker. I certainly would be fired immediately if I made a video of killing a co-worker and beating another, how much more should we hold higher standards for members of Congress who (at least theoretically) is supposed to represent the best of us.

Republicans in Congress should be ashamed for refusing to reprimand Gosar for such disgusting behavior. Another case of “if he is ‘our guy’ we will overlook anything”. That has to change!

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