Stay Weird, Portland!

As if stories out of Portland over the last year are not crazy enough, this week saw the arrest of a felon on gun and theft charges, who was then released from jail on the same day.

Wednesday night, police officers witnessed 35-year-old Jessie Hall approach a parked vehicle, pull out a gun and fire a shot at a person who was running away. Hall got into the vehicle and later crashed it and then got out and ran on foot. Police found Hall in a nearby house and arrested him. A .380 Ruger semiautomatic pistol was recovered as evidence.

Hall has a criminal history going back to at least 2006, including identify theft, drug charges and tampering with a witness.

Hall was booked into the Multnomah County Jail for felon in possession of a firearm and unlawful use of a weapon.

The defense attorney asked that Hall be released, and the district attorney agreed under the condition that he not be allowed to have weapons (obviously the DA, for some incomprehensible reason, did not realize that the charges were for having a weapon that he was not allowed to have!).

Portland, you have a rise in murders, you have unprecedented violent crimes and a rise in crimes of all kinds because you elect people like your District Attorney. If you want it to change, you can change it. But for anyone considering moving to Portland, Oregon, you may want to think about the craziness that is the thought process of the elected officials there.

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