Sports And Human Rights

If you have been watching the news recently, you have heard of Peng Shuai, the internationally ranked Chinese women’s tennis player who disappeared recently, after accusing a high ranking member of the Chinese government and Communist Party of sexual assault.

Worth noting is a striking difference in reaction to Chinese human rights abuses.

The CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association has threatened to pull all top-tier WTA events from the country, if the government is not more forthcoming.

What a contrast to Lebron James!  If you remember last year, a person working for an NBA team went on social media and was critical of China’s persecution and forcible relocation of an estimated one million (!!) people, who are part of the Uyghur minority. In response, James basically told him to shut up and that there were “other issues” involved….the other issues being the large amount of money the NBA and players get and the growth in revenue they hope to see in China in the future, of course.

It seems that Lebron is only concerned about human and civil rights when it doesn’t affect his bottom line. That’s one more reason we need to remember that just because someone is famous or rich, does not make them qualified to speak on other topics. #Lebron James is a perfect, hypocritical example.

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