US And The Upcoming Olympics

President Biden announced that the US would have a “diplomatic boycott” of the upcoming Olympics in China. What that means is that he nor any government officials will attend.

It does not affect US participation or the athletes participating and it does not limit US companies who are giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the Chinese government to sponsor the Olympics or anything else. It is the diplomatic equivalent of saying “I’m mad” but has no practical effect.

There has been discussion about boycotting the Olympics in China because of Chinese persecution of the Uyghur minority that has included torture, the forcible relocation of an estimated one million people to labor camps, forced sterilization of women and even reports of forced marriages to non-Uyghurs.  Even international organizations have called out China. In a report earlier this year, Amnesty International found the Chinese government was engaging in “state-organized mass imprisonment, torture and persecution.” 

Reports are that Biden’s ‘Climate Czar’, John Kerry, was one of the key people who argued against doing anything more, because Kerry wants to get China to agree to climate treaties and that, he argues, is more important. Biden seems to agree that the Uyghur genocide really is not that significant.

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