Midweek Quick Takes

News headlines from the last several days, from inflation, spending and the economy to race relations.


California has joined New York in re-imposing indoor mask mandates. I wonder how long it will be before CA Gov. Gavin Newsom ignores his mandate this time, like he did last time he imposed the same order?


November wholesale prices rose at a 9.6% rate, the highest since that has measure has been tracked.

Inflation is, in effect, a pay cut because it means that we have to pay more for things we buy and that any savings that we have are worth less. So in real terms, as we have seen inflation grow every month this year, by extension people are making less each month.

Smollett And Professional Victims Set Back Race Relations

Jussie Smollett, the actor who claimed that he was physically attacked by people using racial slurs, was convicted late last week on five of six counts that he paid two people to stage an attack and then lied when making a police report.

Entering court, Smollett walked with arms linked with his entourage as if he was on a noble cause, marching in to do battle for justice. As it turns out, all Smollett did, other than lie and cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, was to set back race relations significantly. Just one more example of hate speech, this time coming from someone claiming to want “justice”.

How Much?

President Biden’s spending plan—the largest in US history and on top of his $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan—is not quite like he and other liberals have been presenting it.

President Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others have repeatedly claim that it would be paid for by the tax increases also in the bill so that it would be fully paid for and add nothing to the national debt.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has reviewed the bill and has said it would add an estimated $3 trillion to the national debt and, if all of the provisions of the bill did not expire and continued, the cost would reach $5 trillion. 

So much for “it’s paid for and won’t add to the debt”. Come on, the President was only off by a few TRILLION

Pelosi Changes Mind On Speakership?

Reports out of Washington are that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will run for re-election as Democratic leader in the House. This comes after Pelosi said in 2020 that she would not run for Speaker again and would move to limit the terms of leadership roles in the House.

But it’s hardly a surprise, is it? “How do you know a politician is lying?  Their lips are moving.” More than ever in politics, we are seeing that the desire for power trumps all else (including principles) and Pelosi is no different.

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