A Liberal Definition Of “Poor”

With the US Senate evenly divided, exactly 50-50 between the two major parties, every vote becomes more important on key issues.

Thus, it was news when, over the weekend, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said that he could not support President Biden’s spending plan that would be the largest in US history, and would be on top of the $1.8 trillion infrastructure plan already passed (and for which Manchin voted). In his view, it was too much money at a time of already increasing inflation and would add trillions to the national debt.

Among the things that Manchin said he thought were too extravagant was the child tax credit, designed to help families with child care expenses. While in favor of the concept, he said that he thought that it should be limited to families making less than $200,000/year and to homes where no parent stayed at home.

Watch, if you will, the news reports and the wild claims by liberals about what Manchin’s opinion is on child tax credits? It is astonishing the accusations they are throwing his way. Yet, think about what he said.  What he said is that he supports helping families with child care expenses as long as 1) there is not a parent at home that can take care of their children and 2) that only families making less than $200,000 need help.  That seems pretty reasonable to any logical person. Why does a family who does not need help with child care need money for child care? And why does a family making $200,000 need help from someone like me who makes a lot less?  Yet, liberals claim Manchin is ignoring poor people and hurting the “poor” in West Virginia.  But that can only be the case if you define “poor” as “making more than $200,000/year.

THAT is progressive and liberal economics.

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