Progressives: New Concepts To Justify Quashing Disagreement

One of the members of the radical ‘Squad’, the group of self-described leftist, progressive members of Congress, showed again how they think about those that disagree with their agenda.

In a long social media thread, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a Massachusetts progressive, advocated for students being forgiven for the loans that they took out. In doing so, Pressley came up with a new concept.

“Let’s make it plain: student debt is policy violence,” Pressley stormed.

“Policy violence”?  That is a new term, but we can predict where this is all going…because everyone is against violence, right?  So to be against student loan cancelation is violence and if you have an opinion that is ‘violent’ then you and your opinion should be banned and outlawed.

This, in short, is the bizarre mindset of radical leftists. To oppose any policy they support is unthinkable, and to do so means you are not simply disagreeing, but literally attacking them. As a result you must be silenced. We have seen this across college campuses and now growing in the halls of Congress. It is inherently undemocratic and against every principle of representative government. And that is why radical progressivism is so dangerous—not just the policy ideas themselves. It’s the desire to silence any dissent.

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