Money In Politics: A Problem Only For Some?

As the talk of the midterm elections starts to heat up, we can only cringe at the barrage of pleas by candidates for money.

Not that long ago we heard liberals outraged by the money spent on elections. People such as the Koch Brothers, brothers who donated heavily to conservative causes and candidates, became virtual boogeymen in the media, with a number of liberal activists calling for boycotts of their businesses. Big money from rich donors was damaging our democracy.

Fast forward to more recent history. Rich and very liberal activist George Soros spent tens of millions of dollars on local elections in the last cycle and last week announced that intended to spend $125 million in this year’s midterm elections. And…wait for it…nothing. You can almost hear a pin drop. No outrage, no calls for any boycotts of Progressive Insurance (which Soros controls) or other of his businesses.

Or what about 2020? Tom Steyer, the billionaire liberal and environmental activist, had spent hundreds of millions in previous elections. He decided to run for President, and spent over $400 million in that election alone, although most of it was on his own campaign. Yet, how many rallies were there about a rich billionaire trying to buy an election? Or, take another billionaire who had spent huge sums and decided to run for President in 2020, as well:  Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg spent even more, shelling out $1.2 BILLION in election spending in 2020 alone.

All of these amounts are far more than the hated Koch Bros. ever spent. Liberal big money contributors have been the top spenders in the last several election cycles although, to be sure, rich conservatives such as Sheldon Adelman have spent huge sums, as well. So the question remains:  why no outrage?

It is pretty hard not to draw the conclusion that big money and rich donors is not as much the issue, as who is getting the big money from rich donors. Otherwise, wouldn’t Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg be as reviled as Adelman, as the Kochs were or others who gave to conservative candidates or causes?

Big money in politics is a problem, and certainly a topic for another discussion But it is interesting, and very telling, to note the selective outrage.

Far Left Justice: Protect The Criminals

A Los Angeles judge sentenced a transgender sex offender who pled guilty to molesting a 10-year old girl on Thursday.

Judge Mario Barrera sentenced the child molester to two years in a juvenile facility (the maximum allowed for a juvenile facility) but not before criticizing liberal LA District Attorney George Gascon.

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SCOTUS Justice Breyer Retires

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced his resignation from the Court today. Nominated in 1994 and, in a less partisan time, confirmed by a unanimous vote, Breyer served for almost three decades.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and several other network’s commentators immediately trumpeted how Breyer’s move was timed so that President Biden would be the one to nominate his successor. Yet, that is not what Breyer said. In an interview on Fox News in September, Breyer said that politics would not be the motivating factor in determining when he retired and went on to say that the Supreme Court was not and should not be political. The Court’s only job is to interpret laws that others make.

All of the things that went into Breyer’s decision can only be known by him. Yet, in a day when the media—social and mainstream-are constantly telling us how interpreting our laws is a political exercise in spite of the fact that the Court’s ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ often vote against their medial-labeled reputation, it is a credit to Justice Breyer that he has sought to maintain the integrity of the Court and fought to uphold the credibility of our justice system in the public’s eyes. For that, and for his years of public service, we owe our gratitude to Justice Breyer.

Risk Of War In Ukraine Rises

Russia has amassed 125,000 troops on the border of Ukraine, bringing back memories of 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine and occupied, then later annexed the Crimean region of that country.

Now, eight years later Ukraine is again facing threats from Russia. As we watch news video of Ukraine preparing and restocking bomb shelters built during the Cold War, reservists being called up and the US and NATO heads of state warning Russia against yet another invasion, we cannot help but ask how we got here?

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Quite Possibly The Worst (And Most Dangerous) Press Conference By A US President In History

On Wednesday, President Biden held a press conference where he spoke on a wide range of topics. One topic caused quite a stir, and understandably so as the President sent signals to diplomatic corps across Europe that got immediate reactions.

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Is California Becoming A Second World State?

At first, that headline sounds a bit ridiculous. California is our most populous state and has an economy bigger than most countries. Yet, things are starting to change and not in a good way.

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Biden’s Olympic ‘Diplomatic Boycott’ Really Isn’t

China has forcibly relocated an estimated one million people of the Uyghur minority to forced labor camps and to “re-education” camps, in addition to reports of other abuses such as forced sterilization of women, and torture of those who resist “re-education”.

This is, of course, on top of other disturbing threats to international peace by the Chinese government, along with their cover-up of the details of the origins of the covid pandemic.

As calls grew louder for the US to boycott the Olympic games being held in Beijing, China next month, President Biden said he was not going to boycott the games but would impose a “diplomatic boycott” and that no member of his Administration would attend. The world gave a collective yawn.

Well…as it turns out, there are fifteen State Dept. officials that are going to the Games in China, as ‘security support’ (whatever that is?).  I guess as it turns out, the President didn’t really mean what he said about that stern “diplomatic boycott” after all.

Kamala Harris On The Pandemic…We Think

When then-candidate Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his choice as a vice presidential running mate, one couldn’t help but wonder “Why?”  Harris was still in her first term of her first elected national office. She had run for president herself and was the first to drop out due to lack of money and she was barely a blip in the polls. Yet Biden pulled her out of relative obscurity and made her his running mate.

He may be regretting it. In an interview this past week, Harris gave a somewhat bizarre answer and showed again that she just is not quite up to being on the national stage.

The interviewer asked a question about the Administration’s pandemic response.


“At what point does the Administration say, ‘you know what, this strategy isn’t working,. We’re going to change strategies.’ Six former Administration officials last week wrote an open letter, urging the Administration to change course, to change strategies. Is it time?”

Harris’ response:

“It is time for us to do what we’ve been doing. and that time is every day. Every day it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools available to us to slow this thing down.”

Ummm….so, if I understand, Harris said that what they should do is what they are doing and they should do what they are doing every day and then agree on that every day?

What?!  One can’t help but wonder what she will think when she sobers up and hears that interview again.

“Why Don’t We Let Other People Determine Our Fate?”

The New York City Council is considering a bill, which has been endorsed by newly elected Mayor Eric Adams, which would give non-citizens the right to vote. In the case of New York City alone, that is an estimated half a million people who are not citizens who will now be allowed to vote, if the bill is passed.

Giving people who aren’t citizens the ability to determine the direction and fate of our cities, states and country and all our citizens is just… very puzzling, to be kind. Why would anyone do that…unless, maybe you thought it would get your more votes? Things that make you go “Hmmmm….”

Failed Economics 101?

Liberal congressmen Ed Markey and Bowman have called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to investigate utilities for high energy pricings and “manipulating the market”.

Oddly, earlier this year the Biden Administration canceled construction of the Keystone Pipeline, have said they are investigating the possibility of shutting down the largest pipeline bring oil through Wisconsin and Michigan, have increased regulation on coal and other fossil fuels and have promised to do away with most fossil fuels over the next decade.

Do we think the two things may be related? Whether doing away with fossil fuels is the right decision or not, it is pretty simple economics that if you do away with the cheapest source of fuel and energy, then energy prices will go up.

I propose that we fund educational tuition reimbursement for Reps. Markey and Bowman to re-take Economics 101. This really is too simple not to understand.

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