A New Fascism?

A group of Univ. of Pennsylvania female swimmers were so upset by transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ obvious advantages debated boycotting the team’s final meet on Jan. 8 in protest — but decided not to for fear of persecution and that they would be banned from further competition.

For those that may not know, Thomas has smashed records and won events by overwhelming margins this season. Why? Well, Thomas swam competitively for three years on UPenn’s male team, the last time being in November 2019. In recent meets, Thomas has set school records in three events and in the 165-meter freestyle beat the second place finisher by 38 seconds.

According to a parent of one of the swimmers, the team members are afraid of being branded “as transphobic”, in addition to being prohibited from competing in future meets.

Cynthia Millen, a USA Swimming official, recently resigned in protest of Thomas being allowed to complete as a woman and in a recent editorial written by John Lohn, the editor of Swimming World compared Thomas being allowed to compete to doping.

This is Woke politics at its worst, but unfortunately at its goal. In this case, just asking legitimate questions about chemical levels in athlete’s systems during competition is not only ignored but any dissent is branded and marginalized by a fear of being banned.

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