Democrats Biggest Ally In 2022 Elections: Donald Trump

Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump endorsed another Republican running in a primary against an incumbent Republican.

Trump endorsed an Illinois congressional candidate running against an incumbent in the Republican primary. Trump has also endorsed a primary opponents against a Republican incumbent in Ohio and Wyoming and elsewhere. Of course, he also endorsed a primary opponent to run against the Republican Secretary of State in Georgia and also the Republican Governor of Georgia. The person running in the Republican primary for Georgia Governor gave the main reason why when he announced during his first press conference “I would not have certified the election”. Instead of looking forward, the candidate is running to ‘get even’ for Trump who still claims that the election was “stolen” even though in every state he says was stolen, Republicans held control of both houses of the state legislatures.

The bottom line is that Trump isn’t trying to help his Party or to help conservatives. The advancement of certain principles is not his goal, unlike those who believe in a set of ideas.  It’s all about him and getting even for people he thinks wronged him. There is no greater hope the Democrats could have than Trump staying involved in the next election to help defeat Republican incumbents.

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