Teacher’s Union Refuses To Go To School During Covid

The Chicago teacher’s union voted not to show up for work due to concerns about covid, basically going on strike until conditions get better and meet their approval.

The Federal government has given the nation’s schools $140 billion (with a ‘B’) to make improvements so that kids can go to school. The money was set aside for such things improved ventilation systems, additional cleaning protocols and other tools that would make schools safer for students and teachers. In large part, this was added to the aid given to combat covid because we now recognize the health damage-mental and social, that is done when students are required to stay at home and learn virtually.

Add to all the financial assistance, data on infection rates that tells us that schools are almost the safest environment and it is not hard to understand why most parents want their kids back in schools. Yet, the union thinks it’s knows better what is good for kids more than their parents.

It lends more credence to the argument for school choice, that parents should be able to decide where they send their children to school. More so when the teacher’s union no longer thinks it is a public servant and thinks it knows better than parents and elected school boards.

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