Failed Economics 101?

Liberal congressmen Ed Markey and Bowman have called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to investigate utilities for high energy pricings and “manipulating the market”.

Oddly, earlier this year the Biden Administration canceled construction of the Keystone Pipeline, have said they are investigating the possibility of shutting down the largest pipeline bring oil through Wisconsin and Michigan, have increased regulation on coal and other fossil fuels and have promised to do away with most fossil fuels over the next decade.

Do we think the two things may be related? Whether doing away with fossil fuels is the right decision or not, it is pretty simple economics that if you do away with the cheapest source of fuel and energy, then energy prices will go up.

I propose that we fund educational tuition reimbursement for Reps. Markey and Bowman to re-take Economics 101. This really is too simple not to understand.

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