Biden’s Olympic ‘Diplomatic Boycott’ Really Isn’t

China has forcibly relocated an estimated one million people of the Uyghur minority to forced labor camps and to “re-education” camps, in addition to reports of other abuses such as forced sterilization of women, and torture of those who resist “re-education”.

This is, of course, on top of other disturbing threats to international peace by the Chinese government, along with their cover-up of the details of the origins of the covid pandemic.

As calls grew louder for the US to boycott the Olympic games being held in Beijing, China next month, President Biden said he was not going to boycott the games but would impose a “diplomatic boycott” and that no member of his Administration would attend. The world gave a collective yawn.

Well…as it turns out, there are fifteen State Dept. officials that are going to the Games in China, as ‘security support’ (whatever that is?).  I guess as it turns out, the President didn’t really mean what he said about that stern “diplomatic boycott” after all.

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