Quite Possibly The Worst (And Most Dangerous) Press Conference By A US President In History

On Wednesday, President Biden held a press conference where he spoke on a wide range of topics. One topic caused quite a stir, and understandably so as the President sent signals to diplomatic corps across Europe that got immediate reactions.

During his press conference on Wednesday, Biden spoke about Russian troops that have massed on the border of Ukraine. Biden began by saying “My guess is that Putin (Russia’s President) will invade Ukraine.”  What? 

Biden went on to say that if a Russian invasion were just a “minor incursion”, then reaction from the US and our allies might be less severe. So Biden basically gave Putin a free ticket to just take a little bit of territory from the Ukraine.

When you are President, you don’t just ‘think out loud’. By saying that he thought Putin would invade Ukraine, in effect he was telling Putin and the world that we had already accepted the fact that was going to happen. Needless to say, the President of Ukraine quickly responded and in a very unusual move, rebuked President Biden and said that there were no minor countries or small wars, and “there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones,”

However, Biden wasn’t finished yet. He went on to say that he believed that Putin wanted to dominate the world and adds “I am hoping that Vladimir Putin understands that he is — short of a full-blown nuclear war, he’s not in a very good position to dominate the world. “

Is Biden saying that we should be prepared for nuclear war?

In just part of a wide-ranging press conference, Biden managed to scare Ukraine’s leaders, shoot apparat a united front sought by NATO and suggest that if Moscow’s incursion into Ukraine were “minor,” the reaction by U.S. allies might not be too concerned.

By Wednesday night, national security officials were trying to “clarify” Biden’s remarks. The National Security Council and the President’s Press Secretary issues statements, in effect saying that Biden didn’t really mean what he said.  The damage control continued today, as the ramifications of Biden’s rambling and shocking statements on the Ukraine were enormous.

How could a President, one who previously had chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, be so amazingly out of control and weak in the face of a threat to peace is almost beyond comprehension. It is hard to imagine how Biden could have encouraged the Russian threat to Ukraine any more than he did and it is also hard not to compare this press conference to the infamous moment in history with the British Prime Minister said he had gained an agreement from Hitler that had guaranteed “peace in our time”, only to find out that the weakness in the agreement and that statement actually encouraged Hitler to launch an invasion a short time later.

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