Far Left Justice: Protect The Criminals

A Los Angeles judge sentenced a transgender sex offender who pled guilty to molesting a 10-year old girl on Thursday.

Judge Mario Barrera sentenced the child molester to two years in a juvenile facility (the maximum allowed for a juvenile facility) but not before criticizing liberal LA District Attorney George Gascon.

The offender, Hannah Tubbs, now 26 years old, pled guilty to molesting a young girl in the bathroom of a local Denny’s restaurant less than a month before his 18th birthday. A boy at the time, the offender decided that he should actually be female after he was arrested.

District Attorney George Gascon refused to have Tubbs tried as an adult. The judge felt otherwise but did not have the authority to change the decision. “I want to be clear,” Barrera during the Thursday sentencing in a California courtroom, according to the LA Times. “The filing of a transfer motion is entirely within the discretion of the district attorney.”

L.A. Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami, assigned to the Complex Child Abuse Unit, said that  “There was evidence presented at the juvenile proceedings which showed that Tubbs sexually assaulted two young girls in different incidents in the past.  Tubbs also has prior violent convictions and conduct as an adult.”

Tubbs also has convictions for drug possession, battery and probation violations in two other states.

District Attorney Gascon told the LA Times he was concerned Tubbs could be victimized in an adult facility as a trans woman. There you have it. Gascon’s main concern is that the offender might have a hard time in prison. (Frankly, call me crazy, but someone who molests a 10-year old girl cannot have a punishment that is too bad.)

As a result of the juvenile confinement, Tubbs will also not have to register as a sex offender and will not be subject to probation when released. 

THAT is another example of progressive justice reform!

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