Quick Takes

News of the week that you might have missed, but won’t want to miss.

More Inflation News

This week brought more news on inflation, this time wholesale prices. The government announced that wholesale prices increased last month at a 9.7% pace, the highest since the Carter Administration. That may not be a coincidence, as the Biden Administration is starting to remind us a lot of the Carter Administration.

SF School Board Recalls

San Francisco, probably the most radically liberal place in the country, held a recall election for three liberal school board members earlier this week. Parents upset about the school board’s reaction to the pandemic and the effect on their children, got enough signatures to hold the recall election.

Each of the three school board members lost the recall election by roughly 70% vote and will be removed from office.

Sanctuary Cities Redux

Isn’t it funny when someone takes an “ends justifies the means” approach in order to get anything they want, with little thought for how it might look when the tables are turned.

A short couple of years ago, it became all the trend in certain places, most notably in California, to declare that the city (or county or whatever) were a ‘sanctuary city’ that would not enforce immigration laws and would not help federal agencies in trying to apprehend anyone in the country illegally, even if they had outstanding warrants for other crimes.

Now the same liberals who thought that was a good idea are quite upset when others use the same theory. The Federal government filed  a lawsuit on Wednesday against the state of Missouri for passing a law that said it would not enforce federal  gun laws that did not have an equivalent state law. The Justice Dept. argues that the state cannot override the federal law (among some other related arguments).  Funny, how that wasn’t the same thinking only a couple of years ago.

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