The Smart Virus

Who knew exactly how smart the covid virus was until the world of sports gave us living examples?!

Smart Virus’, Part 1

NBA Commissioner Adam Stern said yesterday during a press conference that New York’s vaccine mandate was “odd”. That was a nice way to say that how it affects the NBA is just crazy.  Kyrie Irving, for example, is not able to play home games in New York City because he is not vaccinated. However, any visiting player that comes to play, who is also not vaccinated, IS allowed to play.

The people who came up with that must have realized that the virus is so smart that it only targets people that have homes in New York, a very dangerous place, but apparently doesn’t affect visitors.

‘Smart Virus’, Part 2

Now that the big game is over, it was hard not to notice the impact of the mask mandate that is in place in California (the game was played in Los Angeles).  Near as most could tell, the impact on the Super Bowl was pretty much nothing. When you saw pictures of all of the celebrities in attendance—Lebron James, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and others—none of them were wearing masks.  Yet, kids in schools on Monday were required to wear masks.

Amazing that the virus is smart enough not to bother people at special events like the Super Bowl, even though it apparently goes after the kids in much smaller groups.

Smart Virus’—Observation Summary

As Thinking Man has said on a number of occasions, different thoughts on how to combat the pandemic are very understandable, even if you may not agree.  A clinician or someone who wants strict virus protocols is understood by viewing it primarily as a medical or epidemiological issue. And we can understand someone who views those same strict measures as an unwarranted limiting of freedom.  Neither opinion is unreasonable, even if we may have an opinion of one over another.

What is not understandable are things like the above, where the measures for fighting the pandemic are applied in some cases but not in another. That makes it pretty clear, at least to this observer, that the issue then is more about control than it is about fighting a pandemic. The obviously contradictory aspects of the two above examples show that those rules, at least, are just stupid and more so when you realize how many times the politicians, especially in California, have ignored the rules that they, themselves, have made.

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