Echoing Stacy Abrams?

Last week Stacy Abrams, a Democratic candidate for the Governor of Georgia, suggested that criticism of her for not wearing a mask when she had been vocal in support of mask mandates was possibly racist…because….well, for no good reason other than apparently she couldn’t come up with a good reason for why what she did was different than what she said.

As seems to be happening more often, we saw a similar accusation coming out of San Francisco this week. Three San Francisco School Board members faced a recall election this week, and all three were removed from office with over 70% of the vote. Board President Gabriella Lopez, one of the ousted member, had a ready explanation:  it was the work of “white supremacists”.

So, if Lopez is to be believed, over 70% of the people of San Francisco are racist “white supremacists”, even the people of Chinatown where the vote to recall the three members was heaviest.

Just one more example of the radical left’s “You disagree with me, so you have to be a racist” tantrums that they trot out when they can’t come up with anything else. The sad tragedy is not that their intellectual capabilities are so low that they are not able to come up with a good political argument, it is that they do damage to the real instances where racism has to be confronted because it is becoming the proverbial “boy that cried wolf”.

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