Weekend Observations and Quick Takes: Energy and Elections

Energy Policy

In one year, The United States has have gone from energy independence to begging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil so that gas prices in the US will stabilize, as Russia threatens international supplies over tensions in Ukraine.

“Free Money!”

Sen. Ralph Warnock of Georgia tweeted out this weekend: “Children are our future. Let’s make the Expanded Child Tax Credit permanent…”

So, translated, “children are our future, so let’s give them money”?  We don’t just give people money ‘just because’ or in this case, just give kids money because they are kids.

Come on, Sen. Warnock, at least tell us what it should be used for or what problem you want to fix. Just saying “Give people money” is about the most unintelligent way for a statesman to address himself. Although promising “free” stuff is certainly a good way to get people to vote for you, I guess.  I suppose it is not a coincidence that you are up for re-election this year.

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