“Oops!”-Russian Style (Don’t You Hate When Someone Messes Up A Perfectly Good Lie?)

Yesterday, Russia invaded parts of Ukraine. Russian President Putin said it was in response to the ethnic Russians in those areas, wanting to declare their independence and reaching out to Russia for help.

News reports….well, Russian news reports, said that Putin called an emergency meeting of the Security Council and they even televised the meeting. Shockingly (sarcasm intended), Russia decided to recognize two provinces of Ukraine as ‘independent’ and then sent troops in to protect them (just like they did in the Ukrainian province of Crimea in 2014, but I digress).

Yet, reporting on these same events, other news agencies today shared the below funny/tragic tidbit:

“The events of the day began with a dramatic televised meeting of Putin’s security council in the Kremlin, with Putin asking his ministers if they supported recognizing DPR and LPR. While the meeting was presented as a “live” event, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, one of the advisors, was wearing a watch showing that the event was recorded five hours before, thus placing it before the “governments” of the regions asked for recognition.”

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