Biden Can’t Get Out Of His Own Way, Politically

On Friday, President Joe Biden nominated current Appeals Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to be the next Supreme Court justice, fulfilling his promise to nominate a Black woman.

Biden had previously shared a list of those being considered for nomination. Liberal Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC), a very influential figure in his home state and whose endorsement of Biden in 2020 is widely credited with helping Biden get his campaign back on track, endorsed Justice J. Michelle Childs, another Black woman who currently is a US District Court Judge. Childs was also endorsed by conservative Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), seemingly being someone who would get bipartisan support. Additionally, Childs would have provided increased diversity on a court where all of the justices got their degrees from Ivy League schools. Childs got her degree from a public law school.

Biden, who said that he would bring the country back together, instead choose a nominee that appears to be destined to draw controversy and continued the exclusivity of the Ivy League on the Court. He had a clear choice, a Black woman who had bipartisan support and was qualified enough to be on his own short list of candidates. Instead, he walked away from bipartisanship at the exact time he needed something to bring the country together, as he faces several challenges in the international arena and needs a united voice. Instead, he went another way.

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