Day Late And Dollar Short?

The United States announced today that it is sending $350 million in military aid, arms and ammunition, to Ukraine to help them in their defense against the Russian invasion. It is not clear how the equipment will be delivered to Ukraine’s military or when, although a Pentagon spokesman said it would be “very soon”.

While helping a democratic Ukraine fight an invasion from a ruthless Russian neighbor is a good thing, it also points out how terribly incompetent and poorly planned the US response has been. Why is the US now announcing it is sending more aid, three days after the invasion happened and as the Russian military is already fighting in the streets of the Ukrainian capital? Why didn’t this happen earlier, especially since President Biden said last week that US intelligence told him that the decision to invade was already made by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin? He didn’t think send the help then, when it could possibly keep Russia from overtaking the capital city? Or, at a minimum, have transport planes fueled and ready to go as soon as Russia invaded?

We cannot be sure if this incompetence, reminiscent of the fiasco we saw in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, comes from a US military that has become ineffective and poorly led or from the Biden Administration itself, or from both. However, the bottom line is that the most recent moves being taken by our military are poorly planned, poorly executed and send a message of weakness abroad, and increasing worry at home.

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