Europe Leads the Way

As Russia has invaded Ukraine, the response by nations of the world has been surprisingly strong and we can only hope it did not come too late.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also done something no one else has been able to do, and also has done that which he most feared:   he has united Europe, but united Europe against him.

The United Kingdom (UK) was the first to announce sanctions, that they would not allow Russian planes to fly over their airspace and other measures. A large number of other nations have followed, possibly most notable was Germany.

Germany, had allowed its military to decline to such a state that most of their aircraft could not fly due to lack of spare parts, where some of their training had to be done literally with pretend weapons because they wouldn’t spend the money to buy real ones.  Germany had also decided to spend $2 billion on a pipeline to bring natural gas from Russia and make Russia their biggest supplier of energy. In the space of less than a week, Germany realized their mistakes and, to their great credit, announced immediate changes:  they suspended construction of the pipeline, and announced that they were doubling the amount of money they spent on defense and also would be paying to send small arms to Ukraine.

Even Switzerland and Sweden, who have a long history of neutrality (even in WWII), have joined in sanctioning the Russian banks and Sweden is even sending weapons to Ukraine.

Norway, which has the world’s largest, investment fund, run by the government off oil revenues, announced that it would divest itself of all holdings in Russian companies. 

The list could go on, as other nations realize that while Russia invaded Ukraine, Russia is also a threat to them, as well. Europe acting in defense of itself!  Encouraging to see, even if it comes in the midst of great tragedy.

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