Russia Feels Effects Of Invasion, Not Just From Other Governments

For those who are in constant criticism of wealthy people and large corporations, we will note that several have been among the leaders in punishing Russia for the invasion of its democratic neighbor, Ukraine.

BP, the largest investor in Russia’s oil and gas industry, announced that it will divest itself from all Russian investments.  Shell Oil later joined BP in divestiture.

Russia had targeted to take down Ukraine’s internet, so Ukraine President Zelensky appealed via social media to Elon Musk for help. Musk responded quickly. “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine”, Musk responded, adding “More terminals are on the way.”

The largest sovereign investment fund in the world, Norway’s Investment Management Fund which takes oil revenues from the country and invests it for citizens, announced that it will divest all of its Russian holdings.

These are only examples. However, there are private individuals and companies that are rallying behind the effort to make Russia pay for their crime of aggression and it may very well be that the lack of foreign investment may be the thing that has the largest impact in the longer term.

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