Biden’s Foreign Policy Highlights from Last Week

In case you missed all of the President’s foreign policy initiatives last week, here are some highlights (and we should be worried).

Flip Flop

The Biden Administration has sent military aid to Ukraine to aid in their fight against Russian aggression, as have several European countries including those that border the fighting and fear they may be attacked next—countries such as Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.  The Administration had also previously expressed support for transferring fighter jets as part of that military aid. Countries of the former Warsaw Pact have several older Russian jets, the same as those in the Ukrainian air force and so would require almost no training for Ukraine to use.

Poland, which borders Ukraine and where Russian missile strikes have come within 35 miles of the border, offered to send 28 military jets to US to pass on to the Ukraine if the US would replace them with US made aircraft. The Biden Administration turned Poland down, and further, said that no NATO nation should be transferring military aircraft to Ukraine.

No real explanation was given about how jets are different than other military aid or for the about face in the Administration’s stance other than it would “escalate” tensions.

Iran Nuclear Weapon Negotiations

Iran fire multiple missiles late Saturday toward the U.S. consulatein Erbil, the autonomous Kurdish region in northwestern Iraq. The reports have been confirmed by multiple videos and photos posted to social media and elsewhere.

Russia has invaded Ukraine for no other reason than a blatant power and land grab. As the Russian military has been slowed by surprising resistance, Russia is increasingly resorted to more and more brutal tactics, including the confirmed bombing of at least two hospitals. The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia and Congress has approved billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine.

Yet, President Biden is negotiating a new Iran nuclear deal and is allowing Russia to be part of the negotiating team working on the new agreement.  Even worse, reports are that the deal would include a provision to require Iran to get rid of its stores of enriched uranium…by giving them to Russia!

Vice President Harris

After Sec. of State Blinken visited European countries to coordinate support for Ukraine, the Administration decided that a more visible expression of support to those NATO countries bordering the conflict was necessary, so it sent VP Kamala Harris to Poland and east Europe. No one really understands why, since Harris was a first term Senator when picked to be Vice President and has no foreign policy experience at all. Unfortunately, she has shown that on her trip, making seemingly small but significant gaffes along the way by doing such things as laughing at a press conference after meetings about the war with the President of Poland (one would think discussions about a war on the Polish border would be a fairly serious topic and tone).

This is the same person who, in a nationally syndicated radio show recently was asked to explain the war in Ukraine and how it affects us.  “Ukraine is a country in Europe and it exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically, that’s wrong.”  

Yes, that is the level of intellect of the person we sent to represent the United States in the most critical issue facing the world right now. I wish I could say we can now rest better but….

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