US Lawmakers for Putin

As hard as it is to comprehend, there are US lawmakers that seem to be ok with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of neighboring democratic country, Ukraine.

At the end of the day, issues of war and conquest through the use of military force are the ‘big’ issues in the world. Almost all other things pale in comparison. How can anyone still support these people?

Case #1

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, (R-NC), called Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky a “thug” at a campaign event last weekend, according to a video obtained by local station WRAL.

“Remember that Zelensky is a thug. Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt and is incredibly evil and has been pushing woke ideologies.”

There have been previous reports of corruption in the Ukrainian government. Yet even with flaws, it is hard to understand how Cawthorn can find it more important to condemn a democratically elected President than a dictatorial, mass murdering thug in Vladmir Putin.

Case #2

The House of Representatives voted on a resolution to “stand steadfastly” with the people of Ukraine and “states unambiguously that it will never recognize or support any illegitimate Russian-controlled leader or government installed through the use of force.” One would think this was something that any decent human could support. But there were three members of Congress who would not.

Reps. Paul Gosar, Thomas Massie, and Matt Rosendale were the only “nay” votes on the measure. It’s hard to understand how anyone could be opposed to a resolution that supports a country invaded by another and promises not to recognize any conquest by force. But these three find doing so makes sense.

Case #3

Though his worshippers will find a reason to excuse it, former President Trump has either complimented Putin or refused to criticize him multiple times over the last three weeks. Shortly after the Russian invasion, Trump called Putin a “genius” for the pretext he used for the invasion, promising to impose peace in Ukraine (leaving out the part that there was peace until the invasion). Later in a rally in Orlando. he made similar comments.

In an interview last week with Fox commentator Sean Hannity, Hannity tried to help Trump ‘clarify’ his remarks about Putin. “I think you also recognize he’s evil, do you not?” the Fox host said.

Trump would not agree, so Hannity tried again and asked if Trump’s approach was confusing because he was driven by the thinking of “holding your friends close, but your enemies closer”.  Trump did not agree that Putin was an enemy and said “I got along with these people. I got along with them well,” he said. “That doesn’t mean they are good people. It doesn’t mean anything…” Also of note was that then President Trump cut off the shipment of arms to Ukraine in 2019, until Congress impeached him for it and then he restored the sales. As much as President Biden deserves criticism for not sending arms to the Ukraine until after the Russian invasion that he said he knew was coming, Biden is not alone in his failure to be prepared after years of threats by Putin.

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