Midweek Quick Takes and Random Observations

Remembering Obama On Russia

In the campaign for President in 2012, then President Obama made fun of his opponent, Mitt Romney, who said that Russia was one of the main national security threats. Obama flippantly said “The 1970’s called and want their foreign policy back.”

Russia invaded and annexed Crimea two years later after Obama’s comment and, of course, we are seeing the Russian invasion of the Ukraine play out before our eyes right now.

Romney’s thoughts about potential threats to national security and world peace do not seem quite so dumb, after all, huh Mr. President?


Yesterday the Labor Dept. announced that wholesale prices went up 10% in February from a year ago, the highest monthly increase on record. 

Unfortunately, the February results were prior to seeing the effect from the sanctions from the war in Ukraine so it is likely that March’s wholesale inflation will be even worse.

United Nations Views On Women’s Rights

Next week, Iran becomes a member of the United Nations Women’s Rights Commission.

We’ll just leave that right there

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