Quick Takes: Equal Rights, But Only For Some

Support and Celebrate Women, But Only Certain Women

Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro announced Thursday that the Navy will be naming a ship after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was the second woman in history to serve on the US Supreme Court.

Why is a ship being named after the second woman named to the Supreme Court and not the first woman named to the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Connor? Could it be that Justice O’Connor was appointed by President Ronald Reagan? Could it be that liberals just do not believe that conservatives, and certainly Republicans, can be in favor of equal opportunities for women? So we should celebrate the woman appointed by President Bill Clinton, instead, even if she came later.

Bias At NBC Becomes Deliberate Deception

Controversy has swirled around athletes who were born male and decide they want to be female and compete against women. Perhaps nowhere has this been more visible than the case of University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, who compete on the Penn male swim team for three years and is now competing on the women’s team. Thomas was not even close to being ranked in the top 100 collegiate swimmers nationally as a man, yet is now regularly setting records and winning an NCAA Championship in the freestyle.

Because ‘women’s rights’ is not as trendy as ‘transgender rights’, the far left has embraced Thomas’ cause despite the obvious setback for women’s sports after years of hard fought progress under Title IX. And, as NBC taught us last week, if that means you have to bend the truth to support your views, then so be it.

In reporting on the NCAA women’s swimming championships, NBC airbrushed pictures of Thomas in order to appear more feminine. The touch ups removed facial lines, skin discoloration and smoothed out Thomas’ Adams Apple.  So….they were trying to make Thomas look less like a man and more like a woman? Which, when it boils down to it, is really a tacit admission that there are too many male hormones for Thomas to be competing as a woman.

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