Quick Takes: Ukraine

What If…?

As we see pictures in news reports each day of the devastation and human tragedy of the war in Ukraine, it is hard not to ask if the Russian invasion and war could have been prevented.

Like, what if the world had done as much when Russia invaded Ukraine the first time, in 2014, and then annexed the Crimean region?

Or if, in that same year, the world had reacted strongly when a commercial Malaysian airliner was shot down in the Donbas region of Ukraine (the region at the heart of the current war) and demanded accountability for the killing of those civilians?  (Four people have since been charged by Dutch authorities, where the flight originated. Three of those are former Russian intelligence officers.)

Why didn’t the world learn the lesson from Hitler and World War II—appeasement of dictators only encourages them? They are not interested in compromise and weakness will not make the problem go away, but will only ensure it is bigger later when it has to be dealt with again.

Ukraine on the Offensive and Actually Attacking Russia

Ukrainian President Zelensky announced yesterday that Russia forces had retreated in the region around Ukraine’s capital and that Ukraine’s military had regained control of the entire region around Kyiv.

Unfortunately, the Russian retreat has laid bare Russian atrocities as bodies of 400 civilians have been found.

Russia still has a strong military, much far larger and better armed than that of Ukraine. But in a sign of how the war may be changing, Russia announced that for the first time Ukraine had bombed an oil depot and logistics center inside of Russia, sparking a fire that could be seen for miles.

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