Kevin McCarthy: A Man Without Principles

Over the last two weeks, we have found out about the true character of Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the US House of Representatives. Unfortunately, he showed how willing he is to lie and how willing he has been to do anything for personal power.

Last week, the New York Times had a story that related a conversation McCarthy had with another Republican leader right after the Jan. 6 riots, where he said that he was going to suggest that then President Trump resign because of the part he had played. McCarthy denied ever having that conversation….until the New York Times released the recordings. Apparently, McCarthy realized that Trump still was popular with a large part of the Republican base, so he went from saying the President should resign for inciting violence to being an unapologetic supporter of anything Trump did or said.

About the time that story died down, more of McCarthy’s flip-flops came to light this week. In the wake Jan. 6 he made comments about a number of Congressional Trump apologists. McCarthy said that people like Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (who also recently said that the Catholic Church was controlled by Satan) were hurting Republicans with their outlandish claims. Of course, McCarthy has changed his mind on that too and now overlooks all of the outlandish and crazy comments because he does not want to offend Trump or any of his acolytes for fear of losing his position as Republican leader in the House.

McCarthy’s flip-flops on such major topic show his lack of character. And while people can change their minds over time, the fact that McCarthy went from saying that Trump should resign and saying that his “yes men” are hurting Republicans and the country, to then going to the opposite extreme and excusing everything the ex-President and his fans do all in a manner of a week or two just show that McCarthy has one goal that he cares about—power and keeping his position. It is a terrible shame that we have such people representing us. People such as that, and McCarthy specifically, are the worst in all of us and we deserve better.

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