Trump and Republican Primaries

The influence of Donald Trump on Republican voters was tested in the Georgia primaries on Tuesday. Trump’s top targets for this whole election cycle were the Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, and the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger.

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Reminders of Jimmy Carter?

The stock market dropped last week for the seventh consecutive week. Violent crime rates have spiked and continue to rise. A baby formula shortage has sent parents scrambling. And inflation remains at levels that are the highest in 40 years.

The president’s approval rating plunged in an Associated Press poll to a new low 39 percent.

BLM Racket Shows How Little Civil Rights Matter To Its Leaders

The last two years have seen a national outrage about issues of violence against minorities, highlighted by cases where the violence was excessive and was directly at people of color and, in some cases solely because of the victim’s race.

It has been in that context that the Black Lives Matter organization has risen to prominence. That organization, which is focused on racial inequality but also promoting a wide social and political agenda, raised $90 million in 2020 alone, far more than they had ever raised.

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Some Reasonable Middle Ground On Abortion?

Seven countries in the world allow abortions after 20 weeks:  United States, Canada, North Korea, China, Singapore, Vietnam and the Netherlands.

By 20 weeks, babies not only have a heartbeat but feel pain and have fully formed fingers, toes and noses.

Restricting abortion after 20 weeks is not a radical idea.

Starbucks On Abortion

For those who are aficionados of the trendy hot drink chain, Starbucks announced today that they are adding abortion travel benefits to the health benefits for all employees.

If any employee lives in a state that limits abortions or if they would have to travel more than 100 miles to get an abortion, Starbucks will pay the cost of travel to get the abortion.

Vice President Harris At The ASEAN Summit

This is excerpted from the State Dept. official account.

Is this author the only person to whom this sounds like someone called on in school to give a book report on a book that they did not read?

I am surprised there is some public affairs officer though it was a good idea to post this for the world to see. But, at least, it seems that we will all be working together.

Let’s Be Honest and Admit It, Biden Wants Higher Gas Prices

This should not be a big secret, except that it is politically dangerous to say it so clearly. Yet, even a casual observer can see it and policy experts know it.

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