Let’s Be Honest and Admit It, Biden Wants Higher Gas Prices

This should not be a big secret, except that it is politically dangerous to say it so clearly. Yet, even a casual observer can see it and policy experts know it.

The average price of gas is up over 125% since Biden was elected in Nov. 2020—just a year and a half ago. Biden blames Republicans (no one is quite sure how, given that he is President and Democrats control Congress) and Russia’s war in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine has affected gas prices, no doubt, but the price for gas was already almost double that of the previous year even before the war started so the effect on prices, while significant, is not nearly big enough to be the primary driver.

So why has the price for a gallon of gas gone up so much and so quickly?  It is really quite simple: you cannot sell expensive electric cars if the price of gas remains reasonable. President Biden’s agenda calls for the elimination of gasoline powered vehicles, so to do that he has to force the price of gas higher.

As if to remind of us that, the Biden Administration just announced the cancellation of three oil and gas lease sales scheduled for fields in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska, removing millions of acres from possible drilling just as U.S. gas prices reach record highs.

That decision means that the Biden Administration will likely not hold any sale of leases for energy exploration this year—all of 2022. About a week after taking office, Biden signed executive orders to almost eliminate any new oil exploration on federal lands and his first year in office has seen similar moves shutting down possible avenues for oil exploration and pipeline cancellations to bring energy from oil fields to refineries.

“Unfortunately, this is becoming a pattern — the administration talks about the need for more supply and acts to restrict it,” said Frank Macchiarola, senior vice president of the American Petroleum Institute.

Even more unfortunately, rising gas prices hit the lowest income households the hardest. A higher percentage of their income goes to pay for gas to get to work, to take their children to daycare and to simply live day to day. Rising gas prices are a regressive ‘tax’ on the country and it’s people.

Gas prices are higher because President Biden wants them that way. That is part of the cost we pay to pay for his energy agenda.

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