Biden vs. the Biden Administration

When it comes to the topic of inflation, it seems that President Biden is saying something different than President Biden’s Administration.

President Biden: “Let’s be clear..” inflation is caused by covid and Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1.5%      Feb. 2020 (Start of Covid)

1.4%      Jan. 2021 (President Biden takes office)

7.8%      Feb.2022 (Start of the war in Ukraine)

8.3%      April 2022

So according to President Biden’s own Dept. of Labor, covid had nothing to do with inflation–a year into it, inflation was basically the same or very slightly less. And inflation rose rapidly in the last year, long before Russia invaded Ukraine. So while the Russian invasion had an effect, it was relatively very small, accounting for less than a tenth of the increase in inflation in the last year and a half.

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