BLM Racket Shows How Little Civil Rights Matter To Its Leaders

The last two years have seen a national outrage about issues of violence against minorities, highlighted by cases where the violence was excessive and was directly at people of color and, in some cases solely because of the victim’s race.

It has been in that context that the Black Lives Matter organization has risen to prominence. That organization, which is focused on racial inequality but also promoting a wide social and political agenda, raised $90 million in 2020 alone, far more than they had ever raised.

It did not take long for that money to be spent by the group’s leaders.

Just take Patrisse Cullors, one of the three co-founders of the organization and its one-time executive director, for example. Cullors bought a $6 million mansion in California. Cullors tried to argue that she bought the six bedroom, six bathroom house with a swimming pool and sound stage for the group to use for conferences, meetings and as a safe place to gather. Yet, she could not explain why, if that was the case, that she used the house to host a large birthday party for her son, for example.

Additionally, Cullors’ brother was paid $840,000 to provide security for the group. According to a tax filing, the organization also paid more than $969,000 for live-event, design, and media production to Trap Heals LLC, a company founded by Damon Turner, who fathered a child with Patrisse Cullors.

As corrupt as all that is, it is even more ironic since the Black Lives Matter co-founders are self-identified Marxists / socialists. Obviously, either belief has changed now that they have money or it only applies to others. They are certainly not spreading the new-found wealth among the poorest of people in the California city where they have their mansion.

Is there anything worse in our world, than finding people who take advantage of those who are legitimately in need or who use the tragedy of others for self-promotion?

Let us be clear:  Black lives do matter—they matter every bit as much as any other life. We should all be concerned about, and fight for, racial justice. But the Black Lives Matter organization and racial justice are not synonymous.  Black Lives Matter is a corrupt, radical organization.

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