Overturning Roe: Practical Fallout

This week, SCOTUS issued a significant decision which was as significant as the original Roe decision. Clearly, there are passionate opinions across the political spectrum. More such a momentous event, I will do something almost equally as rare and share thoughts from a strictly non-political perspective, but yet thoughts that each of us, no matter where we are on the political spectrum, need to hear.

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Inflation Impacts Low Income Household Most

The average price of gasoline hit $5/gallon for the first time in history. Because gas prices filter through the economy, adding cost to such things as food that is shipped to our stores, to the cost of driving to work, and the cost of energy for our homes it is an indicator of what families are facing.

The average family’s cost of living has increased $450 a month from a year ago. For all of the talk about helping working and lower income families, inflation is what impacts them most. High income households may be inconvenienced by that extra $450 every month but low income and working class families are hit hard and have to struggle. It is the most regressive ‘tax’ that you can have. Need evidence?

A record number of families are behind on their utility bills. Despite massive government money pumped into the economy in the last year and a half, credit card debt is rising rapidly. All this because of inflation.

Unfortunately, it will get worse. The Biden Administration not only made critical mistakes when it said that inflation was not significant and, even if it was, it would only be “transitory”, but continue to fuel inflation by pumping more spending into the economy and by their energy policies that continue to drive up costs. And low income Americans pay the price.

A Problem With Gun Violence

With all of the recent tragedies involving guns, here is one clear example of what can be done.

Two teenagers were arrested for stealing 22 guns from a gun shop. They got 21 days–less than a day per gun–in juvenile detention. Even their father has said that is not enough and something needs to be done, as both of the teenagers already have significant arrest records.

Enforce the laws we already have on the books and make criminals pay! How simple is that? And to give such a light sentence for someone stealing guns to sell and put on the street, especially someone who already has a criminal history…how much more self-destructive can we, as a society, be?!

Assassination Plot Against Supreme Court Justice Not Newsworthy-NY Times and USA Today

A gunman showed up at the home of Supreme Court Justic Brett Kavanaugh yesterday, intending to kill him.

Nicholas John Roske, a 26-year-old from California, traveled across the country to the justice’s home armed with a pistol, knife, and zip-ties and, after being apprehended, told authorities that he intended to assassinate Kavanaugh.

One would think that is a pretty significant news event.

The New York Times ran the story about the assassination plot on page 20. USA Today did not even mention it in the Thursday print edition. The New York Times once said it had “All the news fit to print” and was the newspaper of record for all significant news. So while the Times ran a story on the front page about the culture of returning to work after covid, the potential assassination of a SCOTUS Justice was only important enought for page 20 (and not even worth mentioning for USA Today). Why would that be? Could it be that the NY Times is no longer a “news” outlet but has simply become an editorial / opinion and, because Kavanaugh is rumored to be in favor of limiting abortions in an upcoming case, the Times just does not think anything about Kavanaugh is important? Nah…..

Far Left Using Children for Their Social Experiments

It is a traditional area of fundamental disagreement between liberals and conservatives. Very generally, liberals believe in more government involvement in daily life and that government can and should be guiding society to the “best” solutions, shown to us by a benevolent but knowing government. Conservatives believe in self-determination and that the role of government should be limited. People should generally be in control and allowed to make their own decisions, even if those may be bad ones.

Across the country, we see that one of the biggest issues in elections is that of parental rights. In Virginia, the Governor said that parents did not have the right to decide what their children were taught and last November parents reacted by electing Republican Glenn Youngkin, who had never held political office before but who promised to give parents and the people control of the government, rather than allowing the government to tell parents what was going to be done.

That broader trend is just indicative of a more specific, and more radical one. The far left wants to not only control what goes on in schools, regardless of what parents think, but they want to use schools to further their social experiments and to teach children—starting at a very young age—their radical and in some cases dangerous—views. Such is the case with the move to sexualize children and to push sex on children as young as four or five years old.

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Who Is The Greatest Danger In The World?

If we are talking about immediate danger, that is Russia. They are openly aggressive, have waged war against their neighbors in 2008. 2014 and now have invaded Ukraine and are battling there for no reason other than to gain back territory lost when Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union.

If we are talking about the longer term danger, threat to international peace and to the strategic the position of the United States, that is China.

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