Far Left Using Children for Their Social Experiments

It is a traditional area of fundamental disagreement between liberals and conservatives. Very generally, liberals believe in more government involvement in daily life and that government can and should be guiding society to the “best” solutions, shown to us by a benevolent but knowing government. Conservatives believe in self-determination and that the role of government should be limited. People should generally be in control and allowed to make their own decisions, even if those may be bad ones.

Across the country, we see that one of the biggest issues in elections is that of parental rights. In Virginia, the Governor said that parents did not have the right to decide what their children were taught and last November parents reacted by electing Republican Glenn Youngkin, who had never held political office before but who promised to give parents and the people control of the government, rather than allowing the government to tell parents what was going to be done.

That broader trend is just indicative of a more specific, and more radical one. The far left wants to not only control what goes on in schools, regardless of what parents think, but they want to use schools to further their social experiments and to teach children—starting at a very young age—their radical and in some cases dangerous—views. Such is the case with the move to sexualize children and to push sex on children as young as four or five years old.

We hear of school districts that are promoting sex education at very young ages, including teaching about transgender lifestyles, sex transformation and change and other things that we once would never have imagined. It is now happening too often to be coincidence or to just be isolated incidents. It can be nothing but a deliberate attempt to push an agenda to infants.

Three examples in just the last month can illustrate the point.

One school district did not even wait until kindergarten. A class of four year olds in Alberta, Canada was given an assignment to go home and masturbate. Yes, pre-kindergarten age children were told to go home and find a spot where they could privately touch their private body parts. (At the end of this post is the actual assignment from the curriculum called “Body Smart: Right from the Start”) Why would a school teach this, much less to four year old kids?

Prominent among the push to sexualize young infants is gay and transgender education, in many cases even encouraging elementary children to consider if they really are a boy or a girl and if they want to change their sex.

Unfortunately, leftist CEO’s are using “corporate activism” to push this radical agenda on children. State Farm Insurance, in a communication to its agents, urged them to buy children’s books for local schools that promoted gay and transgender lifestyles to “increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children Age 5+.”  What possessed an insurance company to think that the big need in elementary age children is education about gay and transgender sex and then to push to get that into schools?

And Pizza Hut, promoting its summer reading program for kids called “Book it!” listed a number of recommended books. One of them was entitled “Big Wig”, which is geared towards children in pre-kindergarten up to third grade. Publisher Simon & Schuster boasts on its website that the “Big Wig” picture book “celebrates drag kids.” 

All of these examples have come to light in the last three weeks and all of them target children that are not old enough to be out of kindergarten. Of all of the problems in our schools, I have a hard time understanding how this would be in the top ten, or the top one hundred for that matter. The fact that our schools are failing across the country is not because four years do not know how to play with themselves or do not know that they can get a sex change if they want to.

And this is not about gay rights. The issue is about the sexualization of children, children that are in kindergarten and still young enough that they have to be told not to eat boogers and always wipe their butts when they are done in the bathroom. Why?  It is simple—there is a radical social agenda that the far left has and they do not care how they get what they want, even if they have to use children to do it. And let us be candid, this type of thing borders on child sexual abuse by forcing a sexual agenda on children that are too young to understand but who too readily believe anything they are told by an authority figure such as a teacher.

As we noted when we started:  it is happening too often to be a coincidence.  It is a deliberate effort. And that is why parents must take back control of schools and must repeatedly remind school boards who works for who.

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