Assassination Plot Against Supreme Court Justice Not Newsworthy-NY Times and USA Today

A gunman showed up at the home of Supreme Court Justic Brett Kavanaugh yesterday, intending to kill him.

Nicholas John Roske, a 26-year-old from California, traveled across the country to the justice’s home armed with a pistol, knife, and zip-ties and, after being apprehended, told authorities that he intended to assassinate Kavanaugh.

One would think that is a pretty significant news event.

The New York Times ran the story about the assassination plot on page 20. USA Today did not even mention it in the Thursday print edition. The New York Times once said it had “All the news fit to print” and was the newspaper of record for all significant news. So while the Times ran a story on the front page about the culture of returning to work after covid, the potential assassination of a SCOTUS Justice was only important enought for page 20 (and not even worth mentioning for USA Today). Why would that be? Could it be that the NY Times is no longer a “news” outlet but has simply become an editorial / opinion and, because Kavanaugh is rumored to be in favor of limiting abortions in an upcoming case, the Times just does not think anything about Kavanaugh is important? Nah…..

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